Standing and sitting desks: with care for your health

Since 2017, the Ukrainian company TehnoTable has been producing innovative sit/stand desk writing desks, equipped with an electronic mechanism for lifting the top. At such a desk you can work comfortably when sitting or standing. It perfectly unloads the back.

Ergonomic desks are unique, as each desk is an original development – from sketch to assembly. The founder of the company, the design engineer Alexander Renev, develops the design of standing desks himself.

Take care of your health -  try to work standing up

TehnoTable height adjustable desks allow you to work standing up from time to time, which helps to unload the back and strengthen all the muscles

Less back pain

Less risk of

Heart diseases and diabetes

Working in a dynamic position is healthy

When standing, the muscles are strained, which positively affects blood circulation in the body

Higher efficacy

In the upright position, the body burns at least 50 calories per hour

Allows you to be fit

Take care of your back – work in a dynamic position





Our advantages

Precise assembly and rigidity

An experienced design engineer (formerly an aviation engineer) works on production. Desks of the highest build quality. The weight of the supports is 35 kg – a key to stability of the desk in the upper position.

Electronic control

Easy transformation with minimal noise.
The desk smoothly transforms to maximum height in as little as 19 seconds. Low noise level – up to 40 dB.

Ergonomic design

100% ergonomic design
A wide top with an ergonomic incurvation enables a convenient arm position that relieves the shoulder joint.

Minimalistic design

Without extra drawers and pull-out shelves. In our experience, more and more people are giving up unnecessary things. At the same time, we take into account your wishes.

Material and color selection

The desks are made of natural wood or particleboard. A variety of colors. Choose your option.

Adjustable monitor stand

Additional comfort during work – the monitor stand adjusts to the needed height with the remote control.

Made in Ukraine

Product of Ukraine – from the ground up. From design to assembly.

Reliability and guarantee for 1 year

An official 1-year warranty on our desks.
Clamping, overheating and overloading protection system is a guarantee of long operation.

Optional extra

We take into account your wishes.
Wireless charger, beverage warmer and much more for your comfort.

In our furniture, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: minimalistic design, ergonomic workplace, functionality, quick and easy desk transformation. The recommendations of leading Ukrainian doctors and specialized professionals were taken into account when creating standing desks.

On our website you can buy a classic model of a height adjustable standing desk -  Model Compact or order the manufacture of an individual standing computer desk with unique configurations.

Our experts will will bring to life any of your technical ideas.

Experience more advantages and benefits from working behind the desk while sitting or standing up!

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