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How to choose ergonomic chairs, wich you can spend eternity

80 years ago, Swedish hygienist Bent Akerblom proved that working long hours sitting on traditional chairs is inconvenient and unhealthy. He improved the shapes and lines of the backrest and seat of the chairs so that they correspond to the maximum anatomical and physiological characteristics of the person.

Akerblom's drawings and calculations are actively used in the production of modern furniture. On the back began to bend and support for the waist (the so-called Akerblom line), and the seats tilt. Due to the fact that the spine takes a natural S-shaped position when sitting, the load on the bones and muscles becomes minimal and the person feels quite comfortable on the chair.

Such chairs and chairs are called ergonomic. They are optimally adapted to human biomechanics, are suitable for long-term use and provide proper working conditions for a person in a sitting position.

Do you spend over a third of a day sitting at your computer? An ergonomic chair is a necessary element of your comfortable workplace.


The ergonomic chair combines the best features of orthopedic and anatomical models and has unique features.

The fact is that a special computer chair can improve the emotional and physical state of a person, and most importantly, it increases performance by more than 50%.

Benefits of a seat:

  • Convenient and comfortable, designed for long work.

  • You can customize your settings and needs.

  • It has an anatomically correct back that repeats the contour of the human body. This allows you to distribute the body weight over the entire surface of the back and relieve the load from the spine. Adjust posture of thoracic spine.

  • Equipped with adjustable lumbar support and individual adjustment mechanisms.

  • It has a flexible vertical support and a tilt mechanism, thus controlling the posture and reducing the load on the coccyx.

  • Meets European ergonomics standards.

  • Helps prevent problems with the musculoskeletal system. After a long sitting on an uncomfortable office chair can lead to back pain, posture, muscle swelling, osteochondrosis.

From creative to functional: a variety of ergonomic chairs

We have models of chairs from three brands from Italy, America and Austria. These companies are recognized in the world as the best manufacturers of home and office furniture with extensive experience and innovative approach.

Tips for choosing an ergonomic chair:

  1. Choose personally. The characteristics of the chair must match your parameters: height, weight, features of the figure. Yes, the ergonomic chair Herman Miller Aeron Remastered comes in three sizes. Suitable for teens 147 cm tall, or tall people up to 198 cm. And will withstand loads up to 159 kg.

  2. Measure without haste. Personally, you should be comfortable sitting in the seat for more than 20 minutes.

  3. Choose the style of work and focus on the functionality of the chair and adjustment. Some models, like the Kulik System Elegance ergonomic chair, have more than 7 functions and can be adjusted using buttons or levers.

  4. The backrest should be adjusted in height, depth, inclination, have an ergonomic bend. Some models are additionally fitted with a roller underneath, or, like the Wiesner-Hager Paro_2 ergonomic armchair, immediately fitted with a high back with a mesh that repeats the shape of the spine. This allows you to comfortably position the lumbar department. By the way, the Vienna Opera is equipped with chairs Weisner hager.

  5. Choose a chair that will allow you to lower or raise the seat for a comfortable position: your feet should touch the floor.

  6. Try how the armrests are adjusted. It is important that your hands are close to your desk.

  7. Check the stability of the chair. The larger the cross and the number of wheels, the stronger the chair will stand on the floor.

  8. Pay attention to the material of the frame, armrests, backrest and seat. It can be metal, plastic, mesh. For upholstery use: fabric, eco leather.

  9. Make sure that you have mobility on the floor, which is provided with armchairs that are flat and rubberized. For a soft coating such as carpet, it is best to choose a chair with rigid plastic rollers; and for laminate and parquet - soft rubberized.

  10. Additional options are required: head restraints, foot rest, and more. The use of a head restraint reduces tension on the cervical spine.

  11. And finally, you should like the ergonomic chair design and design.


Choose a chair where you will be comfortable sitting and inspiring for a long time.

By the way, sitting in a computer chair can perform some exercises from the workout to stretch the spine, straighten the posture, lift the load from the muscles.


The key to effective work and at the same time taking care of one's health is a successful combination of a computer desk with height adjustment and an ergonomic chair.


Health to you and fruitful work!

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