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Height adjustable desks are becoming a trend

A desk with a lifting mechanism is an advanced computer desk at which you can conveniently work both sitting and standing up. A minimalistic design on two supports is equipped with a mechanism for lifting the top. Have you decided to work standing up? One click, and the top goes up. The monitor, keyboard and mouse will be conveniently located to work in a new position:


  • monitor – at eye level;

  • the keyboard – at the level of the elbows, and the elbows will lie on the top.

Height adjustable desks are becoming popular among office workers and freelancers, because they are comfortable and allow you to take care of your posture and the health of your spine even at work.

Take care of your health - try to work standing up!

Electrically controlled desk: easy control, efficient work

There are several options of lifting mechanisms for height adjustable desks: mechanical, pneumatic, electric. A desk equipped with an electric drive is the most convenient.

Desks with electric height adjustment are equipped with:

• stable and durable frame with an electric motor;
• top with an ergonomic incurvation;
• remote control;
• electric extension cord.

As an option, a height adjustable desk can be equipped with:

• an adjustable stand for one or two monitors;
• wireless charger;
• beverage warmer;
• surge protector.

A height adjustable desk has several advantages:

• Smooth and quick transformation: the top raises up by 45 cm in 20 seconds.
• You can easily adjust the height of the desk to fit your height. There is no need to get up, bend down and look for a lever, as, for example, in case of the desks with a gas lift, or turn the knob to raise the countertop. A panel with 4 buttons simplifies control.
• The motor and lifting mechanisms operate quietly (noise level up to 40dB)
• It’s practical: you can work in two positions – sitting and standing up.
• Comfortable. Thanks to the ergonomic incurvation in the middle, you can put your elbows on the desk and work comfortably (in accordance with ISO 9241-5:1998 - "Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals")
• Reliable and stable: the top is large and, you can freely lean on the edge of the desk while standing up.
• You can save in the memory of the control system 4 positions of the height, at which you are comfortable to work.

How useful is a height adjustable computer desk?

A height adjustable desk emerged from the idea of preventing spinal diseases of people with a sedentary work. The invention has successfully solved the problem of comfortable standing work; it allows you to alternate sitting / standing up positions during working hours. To develop optimal design parameters, the creators of the desk with adjustable height consulted with an orthopedist, neurosurgeon, phlebologist and sports traumatologist.

What is the use of working at a height adjustable desk:

1. Flat back. If the height of the desk is selected according to your height, you donʼt need to lean towards the monitor.

2. Your monitor, whether you are sitting or standing up, will be installed correctly, at eye level. The load on the cervical spine will be less.

3. The elbow joints in both sitting and standing up positions will lie on the top. It is the correct hands position, in which the static muscle tension is removed.

4. Your work efficiency behind a height adjustable desk will increase by an average of 30%.

5. Feel the improvement of your general state and mood after a month of work in a dynamic position.

When choosing a desk with electric height adjustment, it is important to consider top size, height adjustment range, load capacity and structural rigidity.

When ordering an individual manufacture of a lifting desk, specify your wishes for the design and material for the top.

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